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Sizing Information

               How to get the perfect size

       How measure your dog

We find it easier to use a piece of string, run it along the areas that need measuring and then measure your string with a tape measure.

Measure standing only.

A: Measure the body length – from the base of the neck just above the shoulder blades to the base of the tail (where the tail joins the body) Include all top contours of the dogs back - not along the side of the body.

B: Measure around the neck where the collar should  be – Do not measure with a collar on. 

C: Measure around the chest at its widest point usually right behind the front legs. Allow enough room to fit two fingers between the tape or string on medium to large dogs and one finger for small dogs for extra comfort.

Please note:
Measurement A is referred to as the ‘back length’ measurement and will determine the most appropriate size for your dog. You will use this size to order any items

Always round up to the next size if measurement is over maximum range in the smaller size or if your dog has a thick coat or a wider chest.

Measure carefully and double check your measurements.

Compare these measurements with those shown under SIZE GUIDE for the product style you have chosen.

If you are in Auckland or visiting you can bring your dog in with you when shopping in-store and we can help you choose something that fits them comfortably . 


                                COAT SIZING


Back Length

Neck Width

Chest Range

















































                            PADDINGTON RAINCOAT

Size           Neck (cm)            Chest (cm)            Length (cm)        Weight (kg)

  S                 28                       38                          26                    1.5  - 3 kg

  M                34                       45                          30                     3.0 - 4 kg

  L                 38                       50                          35                     4.5 - 6 kg

  XL               42                       55                          41                     6.0 - 11 kg

  2XL             46                       64                          45                     8.0 - 13 kg

  3XL             52                       70                          52                     12.0 -16 kg

  4XL             58                       80                          60                      16.0 - 31 kg

  5XL             63                       90                          72                       25.0 - 47 kg


                                    TERRIER COAT SIZING

Size                Back Length               Neck Width                      Chest Range

  S                  30cm                            34cm                               34 - 40cm

  M                  35cm                           43cm                               41 - 53cm

   L                  46cm                           43cm                               52 - 67cm 


                                    PUFFA COAT SIZING

   Sizes                             Back Length                   Chest range

    XS                                   28cm                                34-40cm

     S                                    33cm                                40-48cm

     M                                   36cm                                44-52cm

      L                                   40cm                                50-60cm

    XL                                   42cm                                56-68cm

    XXL                                 50cm                                62-76cm


                                  KENSINTON RAINSLICKER SIZING

Sizes                  Neck  Length          Back Length              Chest Range  

S                            21-25cm                25cm                        33-35cm

M                           26-31cm                30cm                         38-43cm

L                            31-35cm                35cm                         46-41cm

XL                          33-37cm                40cm                         52-59cm

XXL                       39-44cm                 50cm                         64-70cm

XXXL                     47-52cm                 60cm                         76-80cm

4XL                       63-69cm                 78cm                          96-100cm


                           MERINO TEE SIZING

Size                       Back Length                     Chest Range

XXS                       26cm                               30 -36cm

XS                         31cm                               36 - 42cm

 S                           36cm                              43 - 41cm

 M                          41cm                              49 - 56cm

 L                           46cm                              56 - 64cm

XL                          51cm                              60 - 71cm

XXL                        56cm                              63 - 76cm


                             POSSUMDOWN SWEATER SIZING

Size         Back Length             Neck Width                     Chest range

XXS         up to 25cm               up to 15cm                    up to 25cm

XS           25-30cm                   15-20cm                        25-30cm

 S            35-40cm                    25-30cm                       35-40cm

M            40-45cm                     35-40cm                       40-45cm

L             45-50cm                     40- 45cm                       50-55cm                   


                              ASPEN POSSUM/MERINO SWEATER SIZING

 Size               Back Length          Neck Width           Chest Range

 XXS                 25cm                    18 -29cm                32 - 36cm

 XS                   30cm                     22 - 26cm              36 - 42cm

 S                     35cm                     28 - 38cm              42 - 46cm

 M                    40cm                     32 - 42cm              46 - 50cm

 L                     45cm                      34 - 46cm             50 - 54cm


                          CHELSEA SHOWERPROOF COAT SIZING

Size           Back Length            Neck Width           Chest Range

XXS               22cm                       38cm                   41 - 48cm

XS                 27cm                       41cm                   48 - 54cm

 S                  32cm                       44cm                   55 - 62cm

M                  37cm                        46cm                  61 - 71cm

 L                  42cm                        48cm                  67 - 78cm

XL                 47cm                        51cm                  75 - 86cm

XXL               52cm                        53cm                  84 - 94cm


                          GREYHOUND/WHIPPET COAT SIZING

       Size                                    Back  Length                        Adjustable Girth

   Italian Greyhound       XS            40cm                                      48cm

   Whippet                       S             48cm                                       60cm

   Whippet                      M             56cm                                       66cm

   Whippet/greyhound     L             61cm                                       72cm

   Greyhound                  XL           70cm                                        84cm

   Greyhound                 XXL          78cm                                        85cm

Note: Measure from shoulder blades - Do not measure up the neck or from the collar this will give larger measurement and the coat will be too big.


These charts are meant as a guide and items can vary Slightly by style.Please compare detail sizes with yours and allow 2-3cm difference due to our garments being hand cut and sewn, thanks!



Measure around the neck of your dog with soft tape or string at the point where the collar normally sits. Collars are not supposed to be tight around the neck, so measure with two fingers inside the tape or string for medium to large dogs and only one finger for small dogs. If you have a puppy, take into account they are still growing.

 Greyhounds and long necked breeds wear their collars higher, so take measurement where the collar sits naturally ,normally higher up the neck.

Measurement is taken where the buckle joins the leather…. First size to the first hole, second size to the last hole. The best size to choose is the neck size between the two measurements.

If your has an existing collar that fits comfortably - you can measure it from the buckle to the hole most often used -as a guide.

Puchi collar sizing




The sizes quoted are the sizes of the actual products NOT the dog they fit. Please measure your dogs neck and chest and make sure the measurements fit the given harness measurements. Give a little room to spare in the neck and chest.

Please ensure  you measure your dog accurately and order the correct size to minimise the risk of return.



Locally owned

Puchi is proudly NZ owned and our label is designed and made in New Zealand supporting local talent.

Our unique, high quality Puchi label is not only aesthetically gorgeous, highly functional but also affordable.

We aim to make fashion fun for owners and the furry friends in their lives. We don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t or haven’t used with our own pets.

Enviromentally friendly

At  Puchi we source a large quantity of our goods here in New Zealand.

We have firm beliefs in looking after the environment and by sourcing many eco-friendly products that are made in New Zealand we can cut our carbon pawprint down a considerable amount.

Handmade in New Zealand

Our beautiful coats are handmade in New Zealand using only minimum fabric remainders sourced from luxury designer fabrics so these are an exclusive item made in limited quantities and as a result they tend to sell out fast.

A pre-order ensures that you will receive the design desired and will give your dog a unique style that is not easy to imitate.